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  לעברית הקלק כאן



 Born in Haifa Lives and work in Madrid Spain & Tel Aviv


2006 Hamidrasha College of Art 
2001 M.B.A specializing in Communication 
1976 B.A   in Mathematics and Economics  

Solo Exhibitions

2021   Wait times are longer than usual - Jerusalem Artists house, Curator: Dan Orimian.

2018   Emergency Regulations – Minshar School of Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator: Oded Yedaya   

    2016  The death of Superman - Ha'Kibbutz Israeli Art Gallery Tel Aviv - Curator Yael Keini 

      2012  Simple Story, Alfred Express - Haifa Museum of Art, Curator Ruth Sassonkin

        2011  Good morning Mr. Greschler, Alfred Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator Gidi Smilansky

          2010   Limbo, Gal-On Art Place, Tel Aviv, Curator Daniella Talmor

            2009   Everybody Knows, Ramat Gan Museum of Modern Art, during First Friday series of exhibitions by

                         young artists, Curator Ayelet Hashahar Cohen

                2008   Works, Artists House, Tel Aviv, Curator Deganit Berest

                  2006   Metro Cafe, Caesarea, Curator Hila Tadmor

                    Selected Group Exhibitions

                    2021   How Heroes Fell, Gallery P8 Tel Aviv, Curator: Liav Mizrahi.

                    2017  "Resistance", Musrara social gallery, Jerusalem, curator Ayelet Hashahar Cohen

                      2015  Salon Tziur, Hacubia, Jerusalem, curarors: Dan Orimian, Ela Cohen

                      2015  Home, Art Shelter Jerusalem, curators: Pnina Frank, Noa Lea Kohn

                        2014   Dfus. Amal.", Alfred gallery Tel Aviv, curator: Yael Amit

                          2014   Format", Art place TLV, Tel Aviv, curator: Yonatan H. Mishal

                            2013   Metropolin Hanina New gallery, Curators Amir Polak, Dan Alon

                              2013   Topology of Urban Resistance, Woofer Ten Hong Kong, Curators Lau Kin Wah, Sushan Chan 

                                2012   Dear Homeland, Beit Yad Lebanim, Rehovot, Curator Ora Kraus

                                  2012   We have a Champion, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Curator Dana Heller

                                    2012   Shishirishon Ahrey,  Ramat Gan Museum of Modern Art, Curator Ayelet Hashahar Cohen

                                      2010   Dirty Dancing, Erlich Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator Sarah Erlich

                                        2010   Home 2: The Living Room,  Apart Art Gallery,Tel Aviv, Curator Rotem Ritov

                                          2010   Keeps a Distance, Triple Exhibition Saloona Bar, Tel  Aviv, Curators Dina Levi and Rivka Kave Kave     2010   Fresh Paint, Tel Aviv, with P8 Gallery

                                            2010   Belongs/Does not Belong, Castiel Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator Miri Krimolovsky

                                              2009   Parallel Worlds, ScalaMata Exhibition Space, Venice, Curator Francesca Pisani

                                                2006   Apropos the Maidens  at the gala opening, Petach Tikva Museum of Modern Art, Curator Gilad  Melzer 

                                                  2006   Graduates Exhibition, Hamidrasha College of Art, Curators Angela Klein and Shibetz Cohen


                                                      2013 Residency in Paris Cite' International des Arts